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Methods of Sale

Marketing Strategies

At Ray White Nundah we understand that there is a lot more to selling your home than simply placing a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your property. Below you will see the three major marketing strategies we use in the sale of property i.e. sale by Exclusive Agency, Public Auction and Open Listing.

Sale by Exclusive Agency
Your property would be placed in our hands as exclusive agents for the agreed period of time. By having Ray White Nundah as your exclusive agent we are committed to actively marketing the property for sale.

Under this arrangement the property will be promoted to the market either with or without a predetermined asking price. The terms of the final contract can be changed as a consequence of negotiations with the buyer.

  • Placing a price on your home allows your buyer to negotiate with you. The final decision is always with you as the seller.
  • This process will also attract those types of buyers who need to see a price before even inspecting your property. It allows them to budget carefully and have a sense of comfort.
  • Regulation states that the time allowed for an exclusive agency agreement is 60 days. This allows both you and your agent to agree a strategy on marketing and pricing strategies.
  • The success rate of the exclusive agency agreement is very good when the property is marketed and priced well.

Sale by Public Auction
The sale of property by auction is widely recognised as the most effective and successful method of achieving a premium price for your property in the shortest possible time. This is achieved by the following;

  • Your property will be marketed without a price thus eliminating the possibility of underselling or the negative impact of it being overpriced.
  • An Auction Advertising program is an impressive demonstration of your commitment to sell, with a targeted marketing campaign intended to saturate specific buyers in the market.
  • Motivated purchasers like to know that they are dealing with a motivated vendor.
  • The unconditional cash contract of sale will be on your terms and conditions. There are no contract failuers due to finance.
  • An auction date creates a sense of urgency yet still allows purchasers ample time to complete their own inquiries and arrange finance. On the actual day of the auction each potential purchaser can clearly see their competition, which builds a competitive, emotive environment, often resulting in a premium price.
  • With other methods of sale buyers often wait to see if the price will drop.

Sale by Open Listing
This method of sale involves listing your property for sale with many agents. Many owners believe that this increases their chance of a successful sale, when in fact the opposite is true. Ray White Nundah would like for you to consider some other factors:

  • With many different agencies accessing your property there is an increased level of risk to the secuirty of your property.
  • There is a lack of commitment from the agents, as no one in particular is in control of marketing your property to the public.
  • Conjunctions between agencies is not possible as no one has exclusivity over your property.
  • Agents tend to work with buyers in finding them the best deal to buy. Therefore the cheapest and most desperate open listed properties sell.
  • Their own personal needs and the general market conditions are the only two things placing pressure on the buyers.