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Will a Buyer only buy through a preferred Agent?

By James Clark

In short, NO.

Here at Clark Brothers Ray White Nundah, our Sellers are advising us more and more that they have been approached by other agents, telling them that they have buyers interested in the their property… but our sellers are told by these agents that these buyers will only buy if they (the new agent) has the property listing.


Let’s look at a real life situation.

What if, as a buyer;

1.       You find the property you love,

2.       You see a particular agent’s sign on the property or on the internet,

3.       You really want to inspect the property.

What do you do?

Do you:

1.       Phone the agent who has the property for sale …or

2.       Phone an agent who does not have the property for sale?

Of course you contact the agent with the listing.

As an owner / seller you have a relationship with your agent, you’ve established an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve and your agent will be doing everything they can to make it happen.

Don’t lose faith because another agent tells you they have buyers.

“I have five or six buyers who will buy your property only through me Mr. and Mrs. Seller”

This is a tactic (called ‘Sign Jumping’) used by some agents where they believe that calling an owner and saying they can sell the property to their buyer will lead to them obtaining your property for sale after your exclusive 60 day agreement has ended.

Agents continually monitor homes on the market. After some time, home sellers can receive contact from these agents in an attempt to persuade the seller to leave their current agent and appoint them, as, “they have a number of buyers who will only buy the property through them and not through the agent appointed by the seller”.

This can lead to confusion and could mean that you could miss a good offer because another agent has ‘muddied the waters’ leading you to believe that there may be other buyers and better offers out there when this may not be the case. This approach shows disrespect for the seller’s choice of agent to sell one of their most prized and biggest assets.

This new agent’s top priority is a commission and be mindful that they will be working for their buyer, not you, the seller. In addition these agents have no insight into the seller’s circumstances and no in-depth details of the property.

From our 40 years combined experience, if buyers show interest in a property, we have found that they will call the agent on the advertisement and arrange an inspection. The question remains, would buyers resist contacting the appointed agent and actually place their interest on hold until “their agent” secures the listing and is in a position to arrange an inspection? We think not.

So when an agent comes knocking, simply advise them to have their “buyers” call your appointed agent.

At Clark Brothers, Ray White Nundah it is our job to get the best price for the Seller.

Just a little something to think about!

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