The Clark Brothers, Ray White Nundah Property Manager Test

By James Clark

Is your Property Manager protecting you and your investment or loosing you money

Take the Property Manager Success Test 

  1. Did you receive more than 150 photos in your Entry Condition Report?
  2. Do you receive 2 or more routine inspections from your property manager each year?
  3. And, have you received written reports from each of these 2 inspections
  4. Is your tenant contacted within 24 hours of not paying your rent?
  5. Does your Property Manager take more than 2 hours to complete your Exit Condition Report or Entry Condition Report ?
  6. Does your Property Manager have a Strict 10 point Tenant Checklist when considering a tenancy application?
  7. Does your Property Manager review more than 7 similar properties before recommending a rental figure?
  8. Is your average tenancy longer than 18 months on average?
  9. Are you advised of a new rental figure 2 months prior to the end of your lease?
  10. Does your Property Manager have a list of at least 20 items that you can claim against the bond if the tenant does not leave the property in a good state of repair?
  11. Does your property Manager have a list of quality contractors that they use for work on your property?
  12. Does your Property Manager always provide more than one quote from their contractors?
  13. Do you know what Insurances YOU MUST have?
  14. Do you know who you need to communicate with if you are having trouble with the Body Corporate?
  15. Are your Gross and Net returns on your investment reviewed yearly?

If you scored your current property manager at 13 or less out of 15, then you need to email

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