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Important Information for Home Buyers & Investors

By James Clark

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Some very important information has been brought to our attention, and we felt that every home owner, buyer and investor should also be aware of this.

Did you know …?
• Around 700 Clandestine Drug Laboratories (Clan Labs) are located in Australia each year.
• Of 804 clan labs located in 2012 – 48% were discovered in Queensland.
• Clan Labs may be set up in rented premises, houses, units, motel rooms and garages.
• Functioning Clan Labs emit harmful gases that can cause serious health problems and can be life-threatening. Some of these gases are colourless, odourless and extremely flammable.
• More than 71% of clan labs are detected in residential areas where innocent neighbours risk exposure to toxic chemicals.
• Drug’s manufactured in these Clan Labs may include methamphetamine, Ecstasy (MDMA) or other amphetamine based products.
• Remnants of these harmful substances can remain long after the laboratory has been dismantled.

For the safety of our team and our clients, our team is currently arranging training with The Australian Drug Detection Agency (ADDA) so we can be better aware of this.

If you have any questions or concerns, more information can be found at The Australian Drug Detection Agency website –

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